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Meet Lisa

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As a successful attorney, I spent decades crafting convincing arguments and personal narratives. I found great satisfaction in bringing order to the chaos, but after thirty years of practicing law, I knew I wanted to touch people’s lives in a more meaningful way. I began contemplating my next chapter.


I recalled the people who meaningfully impacted my own life.  I thought about my family members and the inspiring stories they handed down and the legacies they built.  I considered their guiding principles which etched my character. I reflected on the unconditional love they gave me which shaped the person I am. 


I realized the power of story, memory, and legacy have been my guiding lights all along.  It was then I knew I wanted to share those guiding lights with others. 


I created Brilliant Biographies to satisfy that larger calling, to be of service, and to fulfill a deeper purpose. My mission is to help people share their stories, inspire others, heal themselves, and preserve their legacies. 

Official Bio

Lisa Grazan is a Life Story Writer, Memoirist, and an award-winning Author. Through her 30-year legal career as an attorney, Lisa honed her interviewing, writing, and storytelling skills which she now uses to represent clients of a different sort; those who seek personal autobiographies and memoirs as well as business and leadership biographies.


Lisa created Brilliant Biographies to preserve people’s life stories, and to share their journeys and invaluable insights.

"It's second nature to me to appreciate the big picture while focusing on the important details. My desire is to honor people's lives, to ensure that their stories are told, and to capture their voice in the most authentic light possible." - Lisa Grazan

Lisa is also an expert in holistic wellness with extensive experience in Ayurveda, Yoga, Mind/Body Medicine, and Food Energetics.  She is a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Naturopath, and the author of The 5 Wellness Archetypes. Reveal Your Personality, Master Your Health, which won a 2022 TAZ award.

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