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Your legacy is more than a list of dates & milestones. 

A Brilliant Biography fills in the colors, the shades, and the various hues, examining life’s gray areas. It’s about connecting the dots that initially may look random and haphazard, and turning them into a beautiful, cohesive picture of your life. This is a process, a meaningful exchange, and an investment.

Legacy Letters

A Legacy Letter is a succinct yet meaningful way to speak directly to your heirs and future generations, articulate your values, offer insights, and convey your hopes and dreams for their future.  


Remember that a Legacy Letter can be prepared and delivered at any stage of life, expressing emotional messages you want your loved ones to know. It can catalyze healing, articulating the feelings that might otherwise go unspoken. Write a Legacy Letter to deepen, strengthen, or repair a relationship, and create a path to move forward together. 



Up to 2 hours of interviews

Approximate page count: 1 - 3 pages


Starting at: $350

*As interview hours or page count increases, the price will increase accordingly

The Highlights Package

The Highlights Package is a wonderful introduction to sharing your life story. This package may be smaller in scale but certainly not in significance. The Q&A format, conducted via email, is specifically designed to guide you through the various stages of your life, inviting you to share your memories and perspectives along the way. These glimpses into your life may be enhanced with your favorite photos. I will lightly edit your answers for purposes of narrative flow as we find recurring themes, pull out signature quotes, and showcase your life story to create a one-of-a-kind gift that family and friends will treasure.



12 curated questions to answer

Up to 10 photos

*The best form of presentation is dependent on the length of the document. We will discuss your printing and binding options after you have approved the final draft. Costs can be upwards of $700.  


Starting at: $3,250

The Chapters Package

This package affords us a larger canvas on which to paint your life experiences. We can cover those aspects of your life that are most meaningful to you or, we can design this package as a memoir in its truest sense. We can take a deep dive into a period of your life that taught you valuable lessons, or a time dominated by emotionally difficult challenges but through which you ultimately triumphed.  Whether it’s inspiration, motivation, revelation, or transformation, the Chapters Package provides the perfect opportunity for you to share more of your perspectives and insights throughout your life or in one particular slice of it.




Up to 10 hours of interviews

Up to 30 photos

Approximate word count: 20,000 - 25,000

Approximate page count: 80 - 100 pages of narrative, additional pages for photos


Starting at $11,400

The Memories Package

We’ll revisit the most important events and experiences of your life, discover the connections between your stories, bring to light common themes, and enliven the historical backdrops.  Through our one-on-one interviews, we can add more context, color, and content to the great stories behind those special memories.  The Memories Package allows us more time to make deeper connections between your stories and share more of your voice with your readers.



Up to 6  hours of interviews (with you or whomever else’s perspective you’d like to add)

Up to 20 photos

Approximate word count: 12,500

Approximate page count: 50 - 60 pages of narrative, additional pages for photos


Starting at $6,500

The Life Package

The Life Package is the ultimate experience in preserving your legacy.  This package affords you the depth and breadth to really share your life experiences from birth up until the present day.  It’s not only a beautiful gift for your loved ones but it’s the most comprehensive way to speak to your future generations.  We will craft your Life Package to let your future generations learn all about you as you share your life philosophies and wisdom with them, as only you know how to tell them.



12 - 15 hours of interviews

Up to 40 photos

Approximate word count: 40,000

Approximate page count: 160 pages of narrative, additional pages for photos.

Starting at $20,800

*With the Highlights, Memories, Chapters, and Life packages:

Although I will guide you through the entire process, please know that printing and binding are separate costs. Depending upon factors including the page count, selection of cover type and finish, and number of books ordered, printing and binding costs can range from $700 to upwards of $1,100. 

*Each package may be upgraded once we begin the process. We can also discuss custom designing a package to meet your specific needs.

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