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We'll work together to share your story.

My promise is to create a warm, inviting, relaxed space where you come to value yourself more and feel comfortable telling your life stories and experiences. My promise is to approach each project with the same love, honor, attention, and respect I would give my own family members, and I insist on delivering impeccable quality. Here's how it works...


We’ll become acquainted as we talk about your vision, purpose, and desired outcome for your book.  We’ll exchange ideas as the scope of your project begins to take shape.


Next, we'll schedule a series of interviews to be conducted either in person or remotely. Each interview session will last approximately two hours.  I'll record our conversations and transcribe them to capture your unique voice and style as I create the manuscript.

Nostalgic Touches

I can offer suggestions about the placement of photos and other memorabilia you may like to include, as well as create clever captions for those special touches.

Packaging & Presentation

After the manuscript is finished and you've signed off, we'll discuss the design and cover options, and ultimately have your autobiography or memoir professionally printed and bound.


Note: Printing and binding are separate charges. See packages for details.

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