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Once you discover your archetype, you’ll better understand yourself and how to channel your personality traits to elevate your mental, physical and emotional health.


You’ll find customized “prescriptions” for thinking, feeling, eating and moving, so you can achieve the most successful results based upon your unique character traits. 


Take the Wellness Archetype quiz included with the book today so you can reveal your personality and master your health!

Reveal Your Personality to Master Your Health

Selected by Green Heiress Holistic Health Book Club as one of their featured books to read in 2020!

Meet the



It’s almost impossible to stop the ARTIST from creating. It’s what they were born to do.  Their CREATIVE canvas could be a white page, a block of wood, a lump of clay, a blank Word-document, or an empty staff. Their INSTRUMENT could be a paintbrush, a wood carving knife, their bare hands, words, or musical notes. Regardless of the medium, the Artist brings FORM, TEXTURE, and TONE to life as they COMMUNICATE and TRANSMIT their thoughts and feelings into the world.

the Artist


It’s the ROCK who will help others WEATHER THE STORMS in life. It seems like their broad shoulders can take on the WEIGHT OF THE WORLD, and they still won’t complain. The Rock’s LOYALTY to family and friends is STRONG. It may even outlast others’ own belief in themselves. They remain STEADFAST in their ideas and convictions and will encourage others to do the same. The Rock is a true friend and will never leave anyone’s side, especially when they’re needed.

the Rock


It’s the TRANSFORMER who always takes the LEAD. Their BRILLIANT intellect and their ability to grasp ideas quickly and easily gain the trust and admiration of those around them. The Transformer PROCESSES information very quickly, and they’re able to accurately cut to the chase in record time. Whether they’re advocating their own position in a one-on-one conversation with a friend, or arguing a case in front of a jury, the Transformer constantly fuels whatever they’re doing with INTENSITY, PASSION, and ARTICULATE expression.

the Transformer


When others may think they’re stuck in their circumstances with no way out, it’s always the VISIONARY who sees things more EXPANSIVELY. They look through a different kind of lens. It’s more than just designing an “escape hatch.” It’s a lens that actually bends the circumstances away from challenging towards OPPORTUNISTIC. It’s someone who sees well beyond the immediacy of what is in front of them. It’s someone who can ENVISION POTENTIAL & sees LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES.

the Visionary


It’s usually the PACIFIST who can get along with just about everyone. Their COMPASSIONATE nature and ability to bring people TOGETHER set them up for their role in the center. They IRON OUT the wrinkles, SMOOTH ruffled feathers, and help adversaries see EYE TO EYE, or at the very least, help them to respect each other’s viewpoint. Although we may not readily notice it, the smooth functioning of any group can usually look to a Pacifist at the helm, ensuring smooth sailing ahead.

the Pacifist

Reveal Your Personality today!

This book is game-changing! Lisa makes Ayurveda more accessible and easier to understand. Through the personality profiles she has created, Lisa shows us how to use our natural tendencies as a guide for healing rather than looking outside ourselves for the answers. 

-Lindsey Smith, author of Eat Your Feelings 

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