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Autobiography & Memoir


We'll talk about your vision, purpose, and desired outcome for your book.  Then, we'll get more concrete in terms of pages and word count, how many photos or other memorabilia you'd like to include, and we'll discuss the printing/binding options for the final version.


Next, we'll schedule a series of interviews to be conducted either in person or remotely using online video technology or telephone. I'll record our conversations and then transcribe them so I can capture your unique voice and style as I create the manuscript. 

As I complete your manuscript, you'll be able to review it at various stages so I can make any edits or revisions if needed or desired.

I can offer suggestions about placement of photos and other memorabilia you may like to include, as well as create clever captions to those photos that will beautifully enhance each chapter.

After the manuscript is finished and you've signed off on it, we'll discuss design and cover options, and ultimately have your autobiography or memoir professionally printed and bound. 

Career Success & Business Excellence

"Working with Lisa was a delight. The feature story she wrote about our life's work and mission at Quiet Creek was so beautifully captured and eloquently written. Lisa had the ability to weave together the individual working parts of our personal and professional pursuits into an engaging narrative we're so excited to share with others.  Lisa is an amazing writer and her work clearly showcases her skills and talent."

-Claire & Rusty Orner, Stewards of Quiet Creek Herb Farm & School of County Living 


I follow the same start-to-finish process I use for creating a compelling autobiography or memoir for my clients, only now the emphasis is on your professional drive and your unique business acumen.


We'll focus on what catapulted you to stellar career success and what continues to shape and motivate your signature style of business excellence. 

Just like an engaging autobiography or memoir, the book we create about your professional career success will tell your unique story. 

Non-fiction Ghostwriting

Lisa is a holistic wellness expert, certified Natural Health Professional, and classically-trained Naturopath. She has extensive experience in Ayurveda, Yoga, Mind/Body medicine, and healing with whole foods. Her specialty is ghostwriting for authors of non-fiction self-help, spiritual, motivational, inspirational, and natural health and wellness books.


As a natural health and wellness expert and an author myself, I'm just as excited as you are to get your message out into the world! 


I've been immersed in the holistic health world for most of my life and for a time I had my own diet & lifestyle consulting business.

I appreciate the importance of your work as a healer, and I understand the subtleties and nuances of your craft.

I would love to help you bring your knowledge, experiences and wisdom to light in a book that both you and I know will improve the lives of so many people!

Manuscript Evaluation & Editing

With thirty years of practicing law under her belt, Lisa's ability to effectively portray the "big picture" while still focusing in on the important details of a story positions her as the perfect partner to help bring your non-fiction manuscript to life. It could entail analyzing the overarching theme of your manuscript, making suggestions on how to improve the clarity and persuasiveness of your chapters, or word-smithing your sentences. It all boils down to ensuring that your ideas and themes are logically presented, cohesive, engaging and, most importantly, reach your readers. It's about polishing your work into a professional masterpiece that showcases your talent and credibility to the world.


If you've prepared a preliminary draft and would like advice on how it reads, what it may need, or how to polish it up, there are many ways we can work together.


Whether it's help with content creation, developmental editing, a manuscript consultation, or a more formal written review and analysis, I can tailor any editing work to your needs in order to make your manuscript into the best version of your message.

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